20 Jul 2012

to my future husband

assalamuaikum encik suamiku, will be. hehe :D this quote for you yer encik suami will be. kui3 :D

* We'll never go to bed mad at each other.
* Please try and make sure my nails are painted and I'm dressed cute the day that you propose.
* When you propose to me hire a secret photographer. I want pictures of this moment for our kids.
* Thank you already for putting up with me long enough to ask my hand in marriage.
* I would never give you a reason to question my faithfulness. I'll always be yours, and yours only.
* I'll never break your heart, I'd rather die than live without you. I'll give you all of me honey, that's no lie.
* I wanna wake up early so we can watch the sun rise in the deer stand.
* I hope we have a baby boy first to protect our baby girl when she's older and starts dating.
* Our love is like a fire and we have to keep putting wood into it to keep that fire nice and hot.
* I'm gonna have a meal waiting for you every night when you get home from work.
* It may take me a while to get a meal perfect but if it doesn't turn out well we can throw it out and go out to eat, HEHEHEHE :D
* I promise once we are together you'll never have to worry about my eyes being taken off you.
* I don't care what happens or where we go. As long as we got love and we're together. I'll be fine!
* I just want to be the only girl you love all your life.
* We don't even have to have a big wedding. I like that cute little stuff. But not in a courthouse.
* I will do my best to keep you happy !
* I'm already praying for you.
* I hope you cry at our wedding, because showing that side of you is such a beautiful way to show how much you love me.
* I hope you can make me laugh no matter how miserable of a mood I am in.
* We will never let your spark in love die.
* My sayang is YOU :P
* Sy akan pastikan suami sy itu romantik dari segi perbuatan, bukan dari mulut manis bersemut. lalala
* Bimbinglah, dan berilah ilmu agama kepada saya.
* I pray for you every day, because I love you so much.

hey my future husband, saya sayang awak sangat2. kui3.. please take care of your self sayang. nanti nak naik pelamin kan? muahahaha :D purple colour okay? hihihihihihi. I will be yours forever, :')

sincerely, YOUR WIFE :) -diana-